VVL Variable Valve LiftExcellent , Innovation product has whole system solution plan , what is long –life , high performance with accordance delivery.

The solenoid valve is a proportional valve with four connections, one connection each to the oil pump and return, as well as to the two working chambers of the camshaft phasing unit. When current is applied to the electromagnet, this moves the internal control slider in the valve and thus switches the oil pressure between the working chambers. The working chamber not subjected to oil pressure at a particular time is connected to the return. In order to fix a timing position, the valve is hed in the so-called centre position, in which case the lines are separated from all the connectors.


· Appoint to design and producing by ODM.

· The highest standard quality and perfect performance.

· Innovation technical leads to low weight ,premium function.

· Rich experience, advance technology.

· Lower cost with reliable solution.


VVL test

Individual performance test Reliability Test
Coil resistance or impedance test Oil pressure resistance test
Coil medium and the current test High and low temperature impact test
Duty cycle test Shock test
IQ curve test Overvoltage test
  Long travel movement endurance test
  Dirty oil movement endurance test
  Salt and spray test
  Cylinder motored test
  Valve seat leakage test


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