Variable Cam Phaser (VCP)Excellent , Innovation product has whole system solution plan , what is long –life , high performance with accordance delivery.

    AOTON's Variable Cam Phaser (VCP) replaces the standard pulley, sprocket or gear in an engine's valve train. It enables the cam lobe (lift event) timing to crank shaft timing to be changed while the engine is operating, based on the parameters of the engine. The cam lobe angular position, or phase relationship, is controlled by the internal vane mechanism of the VCP. Commands from the engine control module adjust the position of the oil control valve (See schematic.), which is mounted in the cylinder head and regulates engine oil flow to either side of the vanes. Variable cam phasing changes the timing of the valve lift event. It can be used to shift the intake cam, the exhaust cam, or both on dual overhead cam engines. This helps increase engine efficiency, improving idle stability while delivering more torque and horsepower. It also helps boost fuel economy and reduces hydrocarbon emissions.


· ODM ( Appoint to design and producing by ODM)

· The highest standard quality and perfect performance

· Innovation technical leads to low weight ,premium function

· Rich experience, advance technology

· Lower cost with reliable solution


Variable Cam Phaser (VCP) test


Individual performance test
Angle fitting 
Corner speed
Driving torque
Friction torque
Release the pressure
Amount of leakage
Reliability Test
Hydraulic resistance test
High and low temperature impact test
Vibration test
Full valve movement endurance test
Dirty oil movement endurance test
Small movement of durability test



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